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Title: Anxious New Beginnings
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Senbonzakura/Byakuya
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really
Author Note: Sequel to this.
Summary: Sickening anxiety is a tell sign something is about to change.

The table can be found here.

Countless days have passed, nights that leave a certain kind of emptiness he cannot explain. He has had it many times over, and after those dreams, he trains himself to the breaking point so that he may know. It's more than curiosity now. It's pride and it's need. It's important. It's frustration.

Tonight the world seems calm and his stomach twists and knots. It's as if he's being paraded for a noble house, as if he's meeting a potential suitor, as if he's in his first battle. Nervous? Why should he be? He is a Kuchiki! Such nonsense cannot be tolerated!

But there it is, the figure that's haunted his dreams for many nights and his stomach knots tighter, the butterflies squirming so much that it seems pointless to try and keep his nighttime snack down.

"Boy, can you hear it?"

He scowls. "My name is not 'boy'!"

"Call out mine and I shall call out yours."

He glares--the gall of this one! How dare he? But there's something that keeps him from blurting out his annoyance at the inappropriate behavior. On this wind, a gentle caress that encourages the dancing of the ethereal sakura petals, is a whisper. He can't see where it comes from, but somehow, the knot loosens. Is... is tonight really the night?

He stares in wonder at the form before him, reaches out, like he's done so many times before only to be thwarted, to find that the winds do not pick up, that the sakura does not abate him. The whisper is so gentle, he almost strains to hear it, but he knows triumph as he silences his own mind, reassures himself.

The moment his hand comes into contact with the spirit, he can't help but grin and that anxiety disappears.


There is warmth beneath his fingers and the wind chuckles softly.

"You have heard me... Byakuya."
Hi! I found your Sen/Bya fics from google ^__^ I hope you don't mind I'm commenting here ;)
This piece is really a good shot of the first time Byakuya (hmm, Byakuya-bo?) learn his zanpakutou's name.
I love it and made me smile ♥
Oh, no, by all means. I'm glad!

<3 Aw, I'm glad I could make you smile. It is one of my personal favorites, since the beginning is as important as where they end up.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!