Title: Waiting for Eternity
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Senbonzakura/Byakuya
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Author Note: Pshaw. Nothing to add here.
Summary: He'll wait. Wait an eternity, if he must, just to hear his name.

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He sits, biding his time. It is, perhaps, the worst part of a spirit's life, the part where they must sit and wait, wait to be discovered, wait to be heard.

He can see that face, round with youth. He can see eyes that glitter with determination, curiosity and pride. He can hear his commanding tone that demands and deserves respect. He can feel him tremble in anticipation each time they encounter, but are never able to touch.

But still he waits. He waits for the moment that his name will be heard, that he will be handed a purpose, that he will be able to be wielded. He will be useful to his new master, lead him through the trials that lay before him. For that day, he waits patiently because while these moments that pass as if an eternity, the moment he will be summoned is the day that will be the best day in his life.

It is not without sympathy that he stares through the relentless onslaught of never-ending cherry blossoms, at the boy who growls in frustration and tries to reach through. "You are not allowed to walk away from me!"

If it were in him, he'd smile. "Boy, my name."

And the roar picks up, the merciless dance of beauty growing more erratic, the boy taken by surprise.

He supposes he'll have to wait another night. Lucky for his master, Senbonzakura is a patient spirit.