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Title: Blinded by Jealousy
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Senbonzakura/Byakuya; Koga
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the latest episode of the Zanpakutou Unknown Tales arc.
Author Note: When the whole truth behind Byakuya's betrayal came out and he fought with Senbonzakura against Koga, i fanboyed. Like seriously. The scenes where Senny comes out to protect him are just too awesome. I think I've found a new pairing, second only to ByaHisana. Maybe... their relationship as master and servant is just too good.
Summary: Tricks can never keep the truth hidden for long.

The table can be found here.

One who has cast aside his zanpakutou, a cruel man who does not understand the worth of working alongside the weapon born from one's soul, can never understand true strength. His is no match for his master who, while stubborn, knows sacrifice and pain for what is most important.

His hand reaches out, effectively blocking the spear aimed for his master. He embraces his master from behind, clutching at his shoulder in reassurance. No shinigami is strong alone. No shinigami can go into battle and expect to win without their faithful partner. It is inconceivable for this man to think he is any better than Byakuya-sama. Blinding his senses is nothing... this man is but a foolish child, hoping that he can overcome an equal by throwing sand in his eyes.

"Master, if you've lost control of your senses, allow me to become your eyes and fight for you."

He can sense what his master feels as Senkei is activated, can tell that his master dislikes that this is his duty, that he must truly kill what is technically part of his family to preserve his family's honor. He knows that there's pity there because there was potential. Perhaps this man might have been his father, if things had not turned out as they had.

The one truly blinded, he believes as he stands behind his master, berates that fool of a man for discarding his zanpakutou, was never Byakuya-sama. It was the youthful man who destroyed his chances over jealousy.
*_*♥ Nice, very nice writing about Senbonzakura's feelings/thoughts of the fabulous episode. Remembering the episode, I really liked squelaling madly when Senbonzakura's hand was on his master's shoulder, for reassurance -like what you wrote-.
Thanks for your Senbonzakura/Byakuya writings, I enjoyed reading them ♥
That part was just the best. If someone didn't like it, they need help.

I'm glad you've read them and liked them! I should be working on more soon (it's the reason I'm logged on right now) so I hope you are able to enjoy them as well.
I'd be so glad if you write more of them ^^ please do!♥ I'm still in love with this pair, unfortunately the filler has been ended u_u