Title: Cloudy Days
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Senbonzakura/Byakuya, if you see it that way
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author Note: When the whole truth behind Byakuya's betrayal came out and he fought with Senbonzakura against Koga, i fanboyed. Like seriously. The scenes where Senny comes out to protect him are just too awesome. I think I've found a new pairing, second only to ByaHisana. Maybe... their relationship as master and servant is just too good.
Summary: The clouds weep for the master who cannot.

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It has been days since the sky was last clear. The clouds have neither thinned nor thickened, but he wishes they would disappear completely. He sees no end in sight, no way to sooth the sky's pain. Mostly, he sees no way he can extend a hand to his master who suffers so.

It is his duty to ensure everything about his master is safe and well. He must defend his honor, his body, his soul, his heart. A part of him scowls as he remembers that woman's name and her last words to his devoted master. How could she say such things, expect such things from him when he is torn apart and unable to weep the tears that now threaten to drown this world?

To him, this is a sign of his failure. To him, there is nothing worse than the sky shedding tears. To him, it is more than protecting his master. His master suffers, and he has done nothing to prevent it. His master weeps, and he cannot do anything to banish the tears. His master thinks he must endure this alone, even though his most faithful servant bows and waits for orders.

Instead, he lifts his head when he is summoned, and flows with each movement his master makes. He cannot take away his pain and, for that, he is nothing but a failure. However, he will show his master that he need not face it all alone, he will lend him the power he needs in order to make sure he will never have to suffer again.

He will never allow those clouds to shed their tears as long as he and his master still share this bond.